Shawnee Benton-Gibson

Shawnee Benton-Gibson, is an actress, singer, poet, orator, writer and composer who has incorporated music and the arts in every aspect of her 20 year career as a clinical social worker and healer. Ms. Benton-Gibson is a bourgeoning psychodramatist who recognizes the power of the griot (storyteller) and has dedicated her life to supporting individuals and families with sharing their stories for the purpose of healing and transformation. Shawnee has been blessed to use her artistic gifts to embody the roles of powerful women from all walks of life. She has been a principal actor in various productions, including, “The Maafa Suite: A Healing Journey” a reenactment of the Trans Atlantic slave trade and traveled from 1995 to 2007 with the touring company to address the issues of racism and oppression. In 1999, Shawnee starred “Bless My Bones” a woman one show based on the life and times of blues singer, Billie Holiday. She has also played principal roles in several musicals and stage plays, such as, The Surprise Witness; Goddess Herstory; Black Nativity; Maafa: The Struggle Continues; Telling Our Stories, Hark, Christmas In The Raw, A Requim for Martin, and Le Round at Long Island University. Shawnee has also done several staged readings which include, The Vagina Monologues by Eve Ensler and The Joint by Curtis Jones. In addition to her acumen as an actor, Shawnee is an accomplished singer and composer who has toured in England as part of a gospel chorale in the Sacred Voices concert tour in 1999. She has been a member of various ensembles and choral groups throughout New York and has acted as musical director and composer for Spirit of A Woman (S.O.W. ) Leadership Development Institute and Telling Our Stories, a musical developed by the prestigious performing arts school, Creative Outlet Dance Theatre of Brooklyn.